Single Beds  

Mini   $80

21" L X 16.5" W X 10" H

Small  $100

28" L X 21" W X 10"H

Medium $125

38" L X 28" W X 13.5" H 

Large $150

48" L X 38.5" W X 13.5" H

Finishing  Options 

All orders come with natural unfinished wood. However, we offer 2 finishing options. The colour and pricing info are as follows: 

Mini and Small                    $40

Medium and Large              $50 

Any Bunk Beds                    $75 

                   Dark Brown       -          Grey 


Custom Orders

This custom order was made to fit the orthopaedic beds that Nancy already had for her pets.

A beautiful bed with storage space for Stephanie's young dog to sleep right beside her. The dog bed sits at the same height as their bed. 

Bunk Beds

Small  $180

21" L X 36" W X 32"H

Medium  $200

43.5" L X 27.5" W X 32" H

Large  $220

60" L X 36" W X 40" H